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Citadel Care Centre:  25 Erin Ridge Road, St. Albert, Alberta
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  Citadel Care Centre

"Staff are quite good. Architecture of building is well set up (foyer). Glad I can display my paintings. Comfortable with the routine; allowed to help set up my own routine."

--- P. Jelly
"Citadel Care Centre is my home and the staff takes very good care of me and the meals are very well prepared and good."

--- B. Upright
"Very nice people; haven't met one that wasn't nice. Nice atmosphere. Very nice room. Recreation good. Great trip to Ukrainian Cultural Village. Exercise people are very good."

--- J. Fahrion
"I like my private room and the big bathroom. The meals are good and there is no pressure on how much or what you want to eat. I'm quite pleased with what we have here. It's very nice to have pleasant surroundings."

--- T. Davison