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Title: Recreation Therapy Aide
Competition Number: WC5
Position(s) Available At: Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home
Northcott Care Centre
Apply Until: 2019-06-15
Position Type: Full Time
Department: Recreation
Salary Range: As per collective agreement
Number Of Openings: 1
Approx. Start Time: As soon as possible
Qualifications Needed: 1. Training and/or experience in the field of recreation therapy. 2. Training and/or experience working with geriatrics. 3. Must be able to understand and communicate in the English language (oral and written).
Description: The primary purpose of the Recreation Therapy Aide is to assist the Recreation Coordinator with the provision of Recreation Therapy services and to assist with the Recreation Therapy programs in accordance with the established policies and procedures of the Nursing Home.
Duties / Responsibilities: 1. Assist in planning, organizing and conducting recreation therapy services and programs for the residents. 2. Assist in the provision of stimulating programs aimed at improving and/or maintaining present cognitive, physical, spiritual, emotional and social functioning level. 3. Assist in individual Recreation Therapy assessments by reporting to the Recreation Coordinator observations concerning the resident including physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, leisure and daily living functioning. 4. Ethnic backgrounds of residents shall be recognized to ensure the provision of appropriate programs implementing a variety of cultural activities. 5. Assist in the provision of community outreach programs, maximizing resident participation in community based programs. 6. Consult with the Recreation Coordinator regarding program concerns, development and improvement on a consistent basis. 7. Ensure promotion of independent resident activities. 8. Participate in scheduled inservice programs to be knowledgeable of changes, technique, skills and further education opportunities within the facility and community. 9. Through the inservice training, you shall acquire a through knowledge of fire safety/evacuation procedures as well as proper handling of fire safety equipment. 10. Work as a member of the overall care team. This may include assisting personnel in other departments with their respective areas of responsibility, after any involvement with residents and/or recreation therapy programs have ended. 11. Perform such other duties as may be directed by the Recreation Coordinator.
Additional Information
Not Categorized Above:
1. Must possess a sincere desire to serve the ill, aged, and infirm. 2. Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with other personnel, residents, family members, visitors and the general public. 3. Must possess an ability to work harmoniously with other personnel assisting in a team effort. 4. Must have patience, tact, cheerful disposition and enthusiasm. 5. Must be able to handle residents functioning at variety of physical and mental levels. 6. Must possess the interest and innovation to seek out new methods and principles.
Apply Online or send your resume via Email To tserle@northcottcarecentre.com. Be Sure To Quote The Employment Title and Name Of Preferred Facility.