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Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home:  10333 76 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
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  Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home

"I keep very busy here. I go to exercise every day - I'm walking far now; I play Bingo and hit the volleyball around - I really like it here especially my room and the people."

--- W. Feschuk
"I think new people would like it here. They have nice meals. I like Happy Hours on Fridays. The girls are real good to me. All the people are nice. The nurses are lovely - they really are."

--- H. Willisko
"I love this place. I'm well looked after here and they look after the others well. I never hear anyone complaining. I'm happy because they treat me good from what I see. I'm also close to my family."

--- P. Hassen
"It's just beautiful here and I like my room and the people. I have no complaints with the nurses - they always come to check on me. Whatever I need, they help with. [...] I like this place!!"

--- H. Lupul
"Staff does a wonderful job. [...] The meals are fantastic here. The kitchen staff and cooks in the kitchen try to get different cultures of food. I think that's important. [...] I really like living here!"

--- M. Lien