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Northcott Care Centre:  4209 48 Avenue, Ponoka, Alberta
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  Northcott Care Centre

"As a frequent visitor, am welcomed warmly by all staff members and am in awe of how they look after every need of the client." -- wife
"If one has to be anywhere for care, this is a good place to be."

--- E. Prediger
"I am very happy here."

--- K. Grabke
"I have made friends with a lot of the residents and staff. Staff have given excellent service to me while I have been here. I really appreciate the walking program as it has helped me to improve my strength."

--- E. Whamond
"It's a good place if you can't be at home. Most meals are good. Hairdresser is very good. Staff give me a hard time for tormenting them. There is always someone you know and can visit with."

--- W. Hemeyer